October 20, 2019

Neurotic, manic, particular, anxious and critical, excited and irresponsible, down-to-earth and sexual, wide-eyed and ironic, Nicole shoots well vodka and cries herself to sleep. She smears her mascara on purpose and channels Marla Singer. She looks disdainfully upon her wealthy upbringing – pragmatically speaking, it did nothing to prepare her for the reality she’s come to love – overdoses, hateful strangers, anal sex and cigarette burns, loneliness in the crowd and parasitic capitalism, backstabbing bitches and “ignorance is bliss”. She arms herself with contrarianism, booze, lies by omission and a thrifted wardrobe so that no one will know how wealthy and spoiled she is.

Zoe snaps her sketchbook shut and dons her glasses if she senses anyone coming near. She has a habit of tucking her hair behind her ear more than once. She is constantly adjusting. Her smile is shy with a hint of coy, but not too much. She is so innocent, clean and kind. She apologizes constantly and is always early. She hides in her car during the panic attacks. She is world-weary but willing to try to see it a different way, if you’ll care to lead her by the hand. Much like Princess Jasmine, she just needs someone kind enough to enlighten her, gently and honestly. She is articulate and thoughtful – really too smart for this world. It’s a shame it has let her down. No one will recognize her artistic and intellectual genius.

“Bossy” is a misogynistic term. Elliot prefers “assertive”. She spits, road rages, tucks in her shirts and frowns upon the idiots of the world. Her gait is lead by her shoulders and her hair pinned back, her clothing plain and her handshake firm. She grits her teeth and holds her chin high. She commands all the sets and characters in her world because she knows people crave direction and she certainly wouldn’t be taking any. There is a shoe hovering just above her head just waiting to crush her, so she struts confidently about, quick to outrun it again and again. The users and takers will have to try their damndest, she smiles smugly. No one will tell her how to look, how to dress, how to smile politely.

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