General FAQ

Wow, making this page really brought me back to the days of Tumblr when we could use themes and edit HTML. Man, Tumblr has really gone downhill.

Why are you doing this? 
A little birdy told me that I need to create a “brand”.

How old are you? 
Age is a social const- 25, but next year I’ll have to come back to this page and write 26, and then the next I’ll have to write 27, and then I’m hoping to eliminate the aging process by 30.

Why are we all stuck in an experience-work-experience loop? 
Hold on, my Apple Watch is ringing.
Hello? Oh, you’re a recording. I already have car insurance. No, my rates are astronomical but I guarantee you that you are incapable of bringing them down. I’m literally Paying for the mistakes of my yout- no, I don’t want to be connected to an agent.
Sorry about that.

I can’t believe you’ve done this?

Do you have a TL;DR mission statement?
I like makin stuff better and helpin people.

Why do you change your hair color so much?
Next question.

What are your political views?
Geez y’all really won’t let up. I am a centrist, which, for me, means that I like to have all the cold, hard facts before voting on important issues, and also I hate politics. Next!

19/F/English motherf**er do you speak it?
Oh. L stands for location? Why do you wanna know? Are you gonna show up somehow? I gotta go, this is sketchy.

Why indeed 😦

What is this nonsense about the matrix?
I used to get a lot of flack for this philosophy but then our beloved Elon Musk signed on and now I can just name-drop him whenever I wanna chat about how we’re all living in a simulation.

What are your deepest strugs and why are you sharing them on the internet for everyone to see?
I have mood issues that may or may not align with the diagnosis “Manic Depression” and also kinda feel that all this gender talk (Identity Politics?) is helping our culture evolve, but like I said, I hate politics. Next!
As for the second part of this question: I want to help those who share my strugs. Do people still say “strug”? The strug to stay relevant is real.