Work FAQ

EDIT 6/16/18: I am currently working as a temp agent. This is wonderful. I can never get bored. Office jobs allow you wonderful things, like breaks, eating, and sitting down. My freelance work has not fallen aside, but has become secondary to the 9-5 life. If you’ve seen my editing work posted here, and find myself a good candidate for your manuscript/masterpiece/article/assignment, still feel free to contact me at Be sure to include “Request for Editing Work” in your subject line. Thanks. 

Hire Me, I Like Money

What are your available work hours?
As a freelancer, my hours are very flexible.
I tend to be online working from 9A – 4P Tuesday through Saturday and offline Sunday and Monday.
However, I can respond to inquiries outside of these times. Just don’t bother me on Sunday and Monday (isss family time!)
Just kidding, send me a message whenever you please. I will typically respond in 30 minutes to an hour at the latest.

How much do you charge per job?
I have not yet researched enough to properly define my pay. This is a huge task that depends on a lot of variables. In these beginning stages, I would happily come to an agreement with the client about this.

Will you provide discounts/samples/collabs/work exchanges?
Again, at this early stage, I would Love to do collabs and work exchanges. I am hungry for experience.

How do you price your work? 
I am researching into the following variables: credentials, years in the field, levels of editing (light, medium, heavy, and developmental), and time spent per job.

How should I price my work? 
Please value your work for what it’s worth. Your prices say a lot about you. Do some research like I am into what your work typically costs in your area and include any and all factors. At the end of the day, you are worth a million dollarinos and I support you.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Writing from The University of Tampa.
I am seeking further credentials at the moment.

What types of work do you do? 
I will provide any type of editing work that deals with words. Copyediting, Developmental Editing, et cetera. If you have a manuscript, a poem, a school paper, an article, or any non-fiction piece I will be happy to pour through it and provide helpful feedback (at the base level). I am willing to work with fiction, however, this genre requires multiple editors, so I would prefer to simply copyedit.

I also am really great at home organization.

What is Developmental Editing? 
Here you go, this article can explain this much better than I probably would.
Also, this:
My passion lies in a complete overhaul of language that magically creates a product with little room for misunderstanding. This may sound like an impossible task, but I have the time, energy, motivation and skill to devote to this cause.

Why choose a freelancer over a company for editing? 

Where is your editing portfolio and samples? 
Coming, sheesh. Any day now.

What is home organization? 
I made this job title up myself, I think. I have a real knack for organization and basic cleaning.
When a person has struggles with organizing belongings, I feel an immense joy in creating an atmosphere of clean categorization in their home that still manages to be relevant to the daily use of objects, sentimental value, and personal preferences such as color schemes and aesthetic choices (e.g. minimalism or maximalism).

Are you bonded and insured to clean other people’s houses?
Ope. I forgot about this. Brb.